Solar Electricity & Hot Water Heating

Solar Hot Water

In partnership with Sunshine Solar Ltd, CH Faul can supply and install evacuated tube solar technology for year round high performance solar hot water.

CH Faul use proven high performance evacuated tube technology to save up to 85% of your water heating costs depending on the season. Evacuated tubes have revolutionised the solar industry and water heating with solar energy is now more than just a summer option. CH Faul systems are also virtually maintenance free and are expected to last as long as the roof they are installed on.  Kits are available in a variety of sizes and can cater for a range of water heating situations. 

Solar tubes can be easily fitted to most existing houses and existing hot water cylinders. If you are building a new house then we recommend you consider purchasing a ‘solar ready’ hot water cylinder as this makes the process of installing a solar hot water system easier. CH Faul can even organise and install the hot water cylinder for you at very competitive rates so if you are thinking about solar hot water options talk to us today!

Solar Electricity 

The cost of solar panels has fallen dramatically over the last 3 years and solar photovoltaic (PV) electricity generation has now become a viable investment option. 

The most cost effective solution is ‘Grid Tied’ where any excess electricity that is generated during the day is fed back to the grid and credited by your electricity provider. During the night you use electricity back from the grid and consume any credits you have generated during the day. If you use more electricity than you have generated then you will still get a bill from your power company but it may be only a very small amount depending on how many panels you have and how much electricity you are generating.

Grid Tied solutions are much more cost effective than Off Grid solutions as there are no expensive batteries to purchase and maintain, and no complicated control systems required. With Grid Tied systems you still need to stay connected to the mains grid but you will significantly reduce or eliminate your monthly electricity bill. Check with your electricity provider to find out what rates they will purchase electricity from you as it differs from supplier to supplier.


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